How to make your Loud Shirt Day a success

You can get LOUD however suits you

Get your family, friends, students, social group, or colleagues together over a morning tea, lunch, a cuppa or a drink and help raise awareness and vital funds for children with hearing loss.

Here are our top tips for success

  • Send an invite for your LOUD event to your community and let them know why you’re getting LOUD.
  • Share the link to your fundraising page and ask for a donation to attend.
  • At your event, wear your LOUDEST shirt.
  • Ask attendees to dress LOUD to get the party started. 

Here are some ideas for your event

Dress up the boss

Set a fundraising target, and if reached before the event, the boss must attend dressed up in a selected outfit. Rival footy team colours is a popular one!

Organise a morning tea, lunch, or afternoon tea

Ask attendees to bring a plate of food. Have a healthy office party, or an international potluck with specialties from around the world, or scones served with cream and jam for morning tea or organise a sausage sizzle. Whatever you choose to do, the food and friendship will make it enjoyable.

Organise a car wash

Wash cars at your child's school, your workplace or at your home. Charge people to have their car washed for a donation. Get volunteers involved to help you wash the cars. Remember more hands make lighter work! 

While your customers are waiting in line to get their car washed, sell them things like drinks, baked desserts, candy bars, hot dogs, or snacks. You could even charge a little extra for fancy services such as waxing, vacuuming, or washing windows with a special cleaner.

Get all your networks involved!

Schools, workplaces, community groups, church groups and sport groups can all get LOUD! Ask them to join you in getting LOUD for Loud Shirt Day to promote inclusivity, to celebrate children with hearing loss and to help raise awareness and funds.

They can help by registering for Loud Shirt Day, or they can donate to your fundraising page or share your fundraising page.


Feel free to contact the Loud Team at NextSense to discuss more fun ideas on how you can get LOUD.

Have fun getting LOUD for Loud Shirt Day!