Loud Shirt Day Champions

Ziggy and Nerija

Ziggy and Nerija love wearing it loud for Loud Shirt day! They both have profound hearing loss. Ziggy received his cochlear implants at 12 months old, and Nerija received her cochlear implants at 14 months old. 

When you ask Ziggy how NextSense supported them he'll tell you ‘NextSense helped us become super kids and now, we can do whatever we want!’

Natalija and her family

When you ask Natalija what she wants to be when she grows up she'll tell you ‘I want to be an astronaut.’

NextSense has helped redefine what's possible for Natalija - she speaks and hears just like her hearing peers, attends a local primary school with one of her brothers, and loves it! 

Natalija has profound hearing loss and wears cochlear implants to help her hear and speak.  Her hearing loss doesn't limit her achievements or define her. She plays in a basketball team, a soccer team, is learning karate and is part of the chess team at school. She's a superstar already reaching for the stars!