Why Be Bold

Why Be Bold

By joining the movement to Be Bold you’ll help NextSense deliver specialist services for children and adults with hearing or vision loss—working with them to enhance their lives and redefine what’s possible.

Your commitment to Be Bold will help us to provide much-needed services for people with hearing or vision loss.

Hearing and vision loss in Australia

  • one in six Australians has hearing loss.
  • It’s estimated that one out of every 1000 babies in Australia is born with significant hearing loss.
  • It's estimated that one out of every 2,500 children born in Australia will be diagnosed with severe vision loss.

Learn more about hearing and vision loss.

How your fundraising helps

Whichever way you choose to get involved, your support means people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or have low vision can access the services they need to reach their full potential.

Last year alone, the donations NextSense received from supporters like you enabled:

  • Support for over 4,500 children and adults with cochlear implant services.
  • Hearing and vision screening for over 3,000 babies and children.
  • Early intervention programs for more than 1,300 children.

To keep delivering these services, we rely on support from people like you! Here are just a few of the ways your fundraising can help:

  • $80 can help children access specialist services like music therapy and occupational therapy.
  • $120 can help provide one-on-one therapy sessions children need to thrive.
  • $200 can help support world-leading research into best practice therapy for children.