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Your generosity can help children with vision loss, like Sora, get the early intervention they need to develop skills and live life to the fullest. 

Meet Sora. She was diagnosed with blindness at just 4-months-old, and has been working with NextSense vision therapist Lynita ever since. Today, Sora is 4-years-old and is about to start at a mainstream school, or 'big school' as she likes to call it.

It’s taken unbelievable commitment and care to get Sora ready for school—support that started years ago with a personalised program of early intervention from NextSense.

'Exploring, interacting, and playing are skills that Sora needs for active learning,' explains Lynita. 'Early childhood is a critical period for laying the building blocks for a child’s future learning.' Without early, intensive support, children with vision loss may fall behind.

Thanks to the overwhelming support from our generous donors, Sora is playing with other kids at preschool, making friends and—most importantly—is happy.

It’s not just Sora who receives much-needed support through the NextSense team; it’s also really helped her parents, Kanae and Eric. For Kanae, being served 'pancakes and tea' by her 4-year-old daughter, was heart-warming.

Your support means together, we can redefine what's possible for children like Sora. By giving a generous donation today, you can help provide children with life-changing services and the personalised care they need. 

Your generous donation can help children with vision loss like Sora get the early intervention they need to have every chance of going to 'big school.' Thank you!

$100 can help a child like Sora access early intervention as soon as possible after diagnosis.

$200 can help a child with vision loss access braille support so they can develop their literacy.

$400 can help provide parents with guidance and skills to continue their child’s development at home.

Make a donation of your choice to provide support for NextSense where it's needed most.