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Sawyer needs extra support—yours.

Sawyer needs expert support to reach his full potential.

Eight-year-old Sawyer had a touchy start in life. His mum, Petra, gave us the facts.

'Sawyer had a stroke in utero when I was 35 weeks pregnant. He lost the entire right side of his vision. On the left side he had a visual impairment. He'd suffered a brain injury and the doctors told us he'd never walk or talk.'

Sawyer has faced extraordinary challenges every day of his life so far, and it is expected that he will face more challenges, including learning how to navigate the world with low vision, as he grows.

These are some examples of the many barriers people with low vision can face in accessing inclusive education, social participation, and independent mobility. 

You can help children with vision loss, like Sawyer, access the specialised support they need to live their best lives. 

Will you please donate today to ensure they can access support from a team of experts?

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