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can help make sure that a psychologist is on hand to provide essential emotional support for a family when their child is diagnosed.
can help pay for a NextSense educator to give group Auslan classes so a family like Leon’s can learn basic sign language together.
can help provide life-changing weekly early intervention sessions with a speech pathologist for children like Leon who are learning to communicate.

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A very special kind of care, for as long as it's needed

When a family like Leon’s comes to NextSense for help, they don’t just get one highly qualified professional—they get an entire team around their child.

Leon was just a baby when his mum, Jennifer was told her child had permanent hearing loss. She felt like she’d been robbed of something special—the ability to communicate with her child. But, as Jennifer discovered through Leon’s early intervention Auslan program, with the right tailored support children who are deaf or hard of hearing can discover new ways to communicate, express themselves, and flourish as they grow.

Jennifer’s not the only mum to discover that their child won’t be able to communicate without a great deal of help and support. It’s estimated that one in every thousand babies in Australia is born deaf or hard of hearing.

Without early support, these children may struggle to reach developmental milestones as easily as hearing children.

At NextSense, we know a child’s best hope of learning to communicate lies in getting the comprehensive help they need as early as possible. And because of that care children like Leon are living life to the fullest.

Your generosity enables us to provide an expert team that can help meet a child’s needs from the first few years of life, through their schooling and teenage years, into young adulthood and beyond.

Your donation makes a difference. From every $1.00 donated 76c goes directly toward student and client services at NextSense.