Jayden Turns 2!

By Sheik Yan Wong Join Me

As you may know, Jayden was born with right ear atresia, a condition where his right ear failed to develop normally. Due to this, he is unable to hear well on his right ear. Many have asked us about how we feel about this. Our answer has always been that we truly thank God for giving him a normal left ear! He is otherwise a healthy, cheeky and very very chatty boy! 

Jayden will be turning TWO soon! He has enough toys to play with at home. In lieu of gifts, we would like to invite you to donate to NextSense, a non-profit organisation that has been a close part of Jayden’s life since he was a baby. NextSense has helped Jayden along with many other kids with hearing (and visual) impairment walk their journey a little easier. 

Thank you for your kind donation.

Thank you to my Sponsors



On behalf of our precious little boy, his gift to the other kids at NextSense. Happy birthday, Jayden!


Zk Crystal Elsie

Happy birthday, Jayden!! What a great initiative. Hope you had a lovely birthday. <3<3<3


Gh, Omega And Gemma



Isaac And Natalie

Happy birthday Jayden


Wan Ling

Happy Birthday Jayden!!


Louie, Dawn & Darren

Happy birthday Jayden!!!


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