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Loud Shirt Day 2022

Anthony Jason

My 2 year old Anthony was diagnosed with microtia & aural atresia in his right ear at about 6 weeks old, he has conductive hearing loss in his right ear and will eventually need surgery to repair his ear canal to allow sound to pass through. This year I’ve decided to raise money & get involved to help support & raise awareness for children with no hearing or hard of hearing, if you could spare anything at all and donate to this amazing cause it would mean so much to everyone involved and help provide children with hearing devices/aids, speech therapy & much more!

I'm getting LOUD for NextSense

I’m fundraising to raise awareness and vital funds for children with hearing loss. Please help me get LOUD by donating to my page. All funds raised will assist in ensuring children with hearing loss, and their families, have access to the support they need to achieve their full potential.

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