Loud Shirt Day 2022

We're wearing it loud for children with hearing loss

We're fundraising to raise awareness and vital funds for children with hearing loss. Please help us get LOUD by donating to our page. All funds raised will assist in ensuring children with hearing loss, and their families, have access to the support they need to achieve their full potential.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Suzana Mihajlovic

The Your2Minds Community is proud to support chidlren who are deaf.


Tania Cicmil

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute ❤️


Your2minds Pty Ltd

Your2Minds proudly supports Next Sense and the great work that they do for children with hearing loss.


Birgit Schubert


Emma Ferris


Angie Barrett Spohn

What a great cause!! Supporting Next Sense in raising awareness for children who are deaf....all the way from the USA!! Keep up the great work NextSense. I wore my Loud Shirt Loud and proud at our Your2Minds coaching call yesterday (it was Your2Minds Loud Shirt Day)...


Maihe And Tristan Nikora

Thank you for making us aware of this particular charity and giving an opportunity to support one that is close to your Heart! Godbless your Niece on her life journey surrounded with so much love!


Luciana Oakman


Mapule Mndaweni





No a lot, but every bit helps

Our Organisation Staff