Team Natalija

Loud Shirt Day 2021

We're getting LOUD for NextSense We're fundraising to raise awareness and vital funds for children with hearing loss. Please help us get LOUD by donating to our page. All funds raised will assist in ensuring children with hearing loss, and their families, have access to the support they need to achieve their full potential.

We're getting LOUD to support children with hearing loss

When you ask Natalija what she wants to be when she grows up she'll tell you "I want to be an astronaut"

NextSense have helped redefine what's possible for Natalija - she speaks and hears just like her hearing peers, attends a mainstream primary school with her brothers and loves it! 

Natalija has profound hearing loss and wears cochlear implants to help her hear and speak.  Her hearing loss doesn't limit her achievements or define her.  She plays in a basketball team, a soccer team and is also learning to play the drums. She's a superstar already reaching for the stars!

Please help us get LOUD by making a donation so together we can continue to enhance the lives of children with hearing loss just like Natalija and enable them all to reach for the stars!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Doug Mladenovic

Wearing it LOUD to support NextSense and children with hearing loss. Happy to support a great cause.


Sasha Vasiljkovic

Dear Natalija, even though COVID has limited the time we spend together - every single time I do spend time with you I love to see what an energetic, intelligent and loving girl you are. I cant wait for Alec and Oliver to spend more time with you as well.


Antony Burlak


Katija Burcul

You can reach the stars Natalija! Xxx


Baba Bina And Deda Mel

We are so proud of you Natalija! From Baba Bina and Deda Mel xxx Wear it LOUD!


Mitchell Watson

Great work Mladenovic fam! Always so wonderful to hear how Natalija is thriving!


Bojana Mladenovic

Keep reaching for the stars Natalija ❤️


Shane Adams


Steve Kunesevic


Frank Ojeda


Trevor J

Fantastic cause


Jasper J

Great Cause


Archie B!

Happy to support a great cause! Keep reaching for those stars Natalija!


Charley J

Great cause and great work guys! Go Natalija! So proud xx


Sofi Barac


Jamie J

Let's get LOUD!! #loudshirtday #wearitloud


Indie M

#wearitloud Great cause! Go Natalija!


Travis S

Getting LOUD and happy to support a great cause! #wearitloud #loudshirtday