Turn your LOUD event into a virtual extravaganza!

Get your family, friends, students, social group, or colleagues together over a virtual morning tea, lunch, a cuppa or a drink and help raise awareness and vital funds for children with hearing loss.

Here are our top tips for virtual success

  • Create a virtual event using one of the many virtual meeting software available, such as FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype.


  • Send the invite for your LOUD event to your community and let them know why you’re getting LOUD.


  • Share the link to your fundraising page and ask for a donation to attend.


  • At your event, wear your LOUDEST shirt.


  • Ask participants to dress LOUD and use a bright virtual background to get the party started. You can find Loud Shirt Day themed backgrounds on our resource page on our Loud Shirt Day website.

Virtual events can be the perfect opportunity for some fun bonding and team building exercises all while raising funds and awareness for children with hearing loss.

Here are some ideas for your virtual event.

Organise a scavenger hunt

Read prompts one at a time, and award points to the first player who shows the object on screen.  A prompt could be ‘find something that is red’ or ‘find something starting with the letter c’.

Have a trivia night

Ask questions and award points to the first team or individual who types the correct answer in the chat. The winner gets bragging rights! You could have questions relating to hearing loss, for example, who invented the cochlear implant? Answer – Professor Graham Clarke.

Play charades

To play the game, privately message the phrase or concept to the chosen participant. The person must act out the phrase or concept without speaking. The first player to correctly guess the prompt wins.

Organise a game of Scattergories

Scattergories is a timed word game. Each round a person silently recites the alphabet and another person has to say stop.  Once you’ve reached a letter that hasn’t been played participants have two minutes to answer a list of categories using words that start with the chosen letter. When time is up, players read their answers. Players cannot have the same answers, otherwise, they cross out the word and neither player receives a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Some categories that you can include in the game can be, a girl’s name, a boy’s name, place, animal, and food.

There are many other games that you can play online and are easy to organise, these include:

  • Family Feud
  • Pictionary
  • Minute to win it
  • Who is most likely to…
  • Family – Fact or Fiction


You can also ask Team NextSense to speak at your event.  A member of our staff would be more than happy to speak to your guests about how their donation supports NextSense so that together we can redefine what’s possible for children with hearing loss.

Have fun getting LOUD for Loud Shirt Day!

What are you waiting for? Register yourself or as a team, get your loudest shirts ready and support kids with hearing loss!

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