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Your generosity can help children with profound hearing loss like Ellis get the specialist, individual care they need to live a full and happy life.

Before Ellis came to NextSense he was fitted with bilateral cochlear implants at nine months of age. But despite how wonderful cochlear implants can be for children with hearing loss, life continued to be very challenging for Ellis.

Mum Susanna said, "We wanted him to have the normal day to day experiences that other kids would have; like trips to the farm or going to music class"

And thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Ellis' life began to change shortly after Susanna heard about NextSense.

Ellis' transformation started with specialist sessions to correctly tune his implants. And Ellis' speech therapist, Terry, says that special 'Floortime' sessions were especially important to his development.

"You cannot just see the child as a child with hearing loss, because there's so much else around that's influencing his learning. Until you put all those pieces of the puzzle together, he's not going to be able to progress" said Terry.

Your support helps children with profound hearing loss like Ellis experience the transformation that individualised care brings.

Right now, there are many more families like Ellis' who need your support. I know that you believe that every child deserves to live a fulfilled life. And through your generous donation today, you can help them receive the personalised care they need.

Your kind donation not only helps Ellis, you make an important difference to his whole family, thank you!

$100 can help children like Ellis get access to specialist services like music therapy

$200 can help provide the individual care children like Ellis need to thrive

$400 can help support world-leading research into profound hearing loss and cochlear implants

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